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            Developing an autonomous room temperature self-healing supramolecular
            polyurethane (PU) with toughness and stiffness remains a great challenge.
            Herein, a novel concept that utilizes a T-shaped chain extender with double
            amide hydrogen bonds in a side chain to extend PU prepolymers to construct
            highly stiff and tough supramolecular PU with integrated functions is
            reported. Mobile side-chain H-bonds afford a large flexibility to modulate
            the stiffness of the PUs ranging from highly stiff and tough elastomer
            (105.87 MPa Young’s modulus, 27 kJ m?2 tearing energy), to solvent-free
            hot-melt adhesive, and coating. The dynamic side-chain multiple H-bonds
            afford an autonomous self-healability at room temperature (25 °C). Due to
            the rapid reconstruction of hydrogen bonds, this PU adhesive demonstrates
            a high adhesion strength, fast curing, reusability, long-term adhesion, and
            excellent low-temperature resistance. Intriguingly, the PU emits intrinsic
            blue fluorescence presumably owing to the aggregation-induced emission of
            tertiary amine domains induced by side-chain H-bonds. The PU is explored
            as a counterfeit ink coated on the predesigned pattern, which is visiblelight
            invisible and UV-light visible. This work represents a universal and
            facile approach to fabricate supertough supramolecular PU with tailorable
            functions by chain extension of PU prepolymers with multiple H-bonding
            chain extenders.


            Yuan Yao,Ziyang Xu,Bo Liu,Meng Xiao,Jianhai Yang,Wenguang Liu.


            Advanced Functional Materials,31:4,2006944(2020)

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